The models of Marvel are heading back to comics in the upcoming miniseries "Models Inc.," where "Project Runway" style consultant Tim Gunn is forced to don an Iron Man suit to defend a fashion exhibit from villains.

The book by Paul Tobin and Vicenc Villagrassa launches on September 9th, during the real Fashion Week in New York, and ComicsAlliance has an exclusive interview with Gunn and Marvel Marketing Coordinator Margarita Vaisman about his guest appearance in the Marvel Universe and the fashion expert's philosophy on superhero style.

A long-time comics fan who once created a 30" x 40" pen and ink compilation of Marvel characters in art school, Gunn seems over the moon about his comics cameo. "I really am beside myself; I become a superhero, which is incredible," said Gunn. "I'm not a fistfighter -- I'm more of a biter and hairpuller, so the whole idea that I'm a superhero is phenomenal."

He also responded very positively to the idea of a Marvel Universe-themed challenge on "Project Runway," adding that "I'm pushing for it. I think it's a great idea!"

Gunn found it hard to choose a single style icon in the Marvel Universe, saying instead that "in their own way I believe [the Marvel superheroes] are each a style icon, and this is not a Miss America response, I assure you. I say that for a very particular reason. I really believe in the semiotics of clothes. The clothes we wear send a message about we are perceived and how we want the world to greet us. Every Marvel character is so perfectly branded for who he or she is... Fashion-wise, I give them all an A+."

The only fashion tragedy discussed was the Incredible Hulk, who destroys his outfits everytime he transforms. "Lots of stretch, that would certainly help," said Gunn. "Excellent seam allowance so we could repairs the damage if necessary. But I think it's really all about developing a textile specifically for the Incredible Hulk."

Sounds like a job for unstable molecules!

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