Last week the brotherly Brazilian duo of Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá ("Daytrippers," "Casanova" ) let loose that they had re-entered the world of self-publishing with "Atelier," an all new one-shot slated for release at New York Comic Con, Brazil's Rio Comicon and Argentina's Crack Bang Boom show. ComicsAlliance got in touch with the brothers for insight into the new project and were given permission to share four all-new teaser images.

New York Comic-Con attendees will effectively have first dibs on the Moon and Bá's new material this Friday, October 9 when the brothers begin selling copies of "Atelier" at booth F4-F9 in artist's alley.

"Atelier" marks one of the brothers' first major self-publishing efforts since contributing to the "Pixu" anthology (which was later re-released by Dark Horse Comics in North America) and the 2008 Eisner Award-winning "5" anthology.

See Moon and Bá's new teaser images below for a look inside "Atelier."