Out next week is Fables #126, part 2 of the storyline simply titled "Snow White." The spotlight is on Snow, as she deals with a mix of family and government issues. Meanwhile, Bigby Wolf is on a road trip with Stinky, taking driving lessons as he searches for the the missing cubs.

Vertigo has provided ComicsAlliance with a preview of Fables #126, which you can check out after the cut.


Writer: Bill Willingham

Artists: Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha

Marriage and family are the most important components of the community. It's in the book. Go ahead and look it up yourself. The official charter of Fabletown laws hold little the government as a whole can do to interfere in family matters. Mostly this is a good thing. Once in a great while-like in this issue, for instance-it isn't. Also, Bigby and Stinky continue their road trip, trying to catch the hint of a scent of the missing cubs.

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Fables #126 will be available February 20th at your local comic shop and digitally via Comixology.

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