If you're a fan of Faith Erin Hicks who needs something to tide you over from the recent (and awesome) Friends With Boys to next year's release of the (also awesome) The Adventures Superhero Girl collection from Dark Horse, you're in luck: This week, First Second Publishing launched a new webcomic, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, with Hicks adapting a young adult novel by Prudence Shen.

With 20 pages available now and more coming next week, the story of high school elections, heartbreak and the never-ending battle of cheerleaders versus robots is just the thing you need to brighten up your week.Okay, so maybe "Cheerleaders vs. Robots" is a slightly misleading description of the plot, but that really is the conflict at the heart of the story: Hollow Ridge High School's student council is on the verge of deciding whether to fund new cheerleading uniforms or the science club's trip to a robotics competition, and the young roboticists simply will not let that stand. I think we've all been there, right?

It's a pretty safe bet that Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong will follow the same format as Friends With Boys, with a huge chunk serialized as a webcomic to build an audience before the print version launches next May, but this time with the added twist of seeing Hicks do an adaptation of someone else's work. She's talked about doing just that in the past right here on ComicsAlliance, using The Hunger Games as an example, and from the looks of things, she's doing pretty well.

If nothing else, she's managed to give NCPGW a pretty great opening page:

For more, head over to NothingCanPossiblyGoWrong.com, a URL that I am legitimately shocked was still available, and check out the first 20 pages, with more hitting the web on October 1!

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