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Fake movie trailers are always a bit polarizing. The awesome ones are a kind of cinematic fan art that can inspire visions of a better franchise, while the bad ones just remind you why some intellectual properties got things right (or inherently wrong) the first time. Shogun Gamer's recent post presenting a completely fake (but presented as mysterious and possibly real) live-action Pokémon film stands somewhere in the middle, showing off a gritty take on adorable pocket monsters that's full of guns, grit and pretty girls.The phony bootleg works super well as a parody/homage with its surprisingly competent special effects and CGI plus hyper-dramatic performances framed by crisp editing, but the idea of Nintendo literally pursuing something like this is about as likely as 1993's "Super Mario Bros." movie getting a sequel. In this case, imagining it as real kind of damages its value as a reverent joke. Would you really dig a grownup take on a kid-centric without at least a little bit of self-aware whimsy?

Still, it's a genuinely fun (and funny) video when viewed from the perspective of a laid-back fan. A voltorb is used in an assassination, a very Ash-like protagonist gets roughed up and Team Rocket seems to be up to its usual illicit activities. Also, the trailer's squirtle looks cute. What more do you need?

Give the mock trailer a view below to see what you make of it. Harmless deconstructionist fun for the nostalgia crowd? Or another reminder why some things should be left for their intended audiences?

[Via Topless Robot]