Our first legitimate look at the Fantastic Four reboot didn’t really help to clarify much about Josh Trank’s upcoming film, nor did it offer much in the way of hero shots to give us a taste of the characters once they’ve been fully transformed. This new international trailer is a bit better and continues to show off Trank’s darker approach to the material, plus it includes a shot of Sue Storm flying. Did you know Sue Storm could fly?

The international trailer for Fantastic Four has arrived online (via Superhero Hype), and although it uses a lot of the same footage we saw in the U.S. trailer, there are some interesting things to note — there’s the Thing arising from a pile of his own rubble (is there a better way to describe that?) and a brief shot at the end of Sue Storm flying alongside her brother Johnny, aka the Human Torch, propelling themselves away from a massive, rocky planet.

The trailer mostly teases a darker tone in its presentation of the Fantastic Four origin story, while the voiceover intones about our innate human desire for discovery, etc. Trank has previously said that he drew inspiration from the works of David Cronenberg for his reboot, which is probably the coolest thing he’s said so far, though I’m not picking up a lot of Cronenberg here. And we still haven’t gotten a peek at Toby Kebbell’s Doctor Doom — at this point, we probably won’t until the film is released.

Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7.