Having honed their collaborative craft on crime comics like Criminal, Incognito and Sleeper, writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips will reunite in 2012 for a new supernatural crime story, Fatale, at Image Comics. Fatale will reportedly draw from the duo's acclaimed take on the crime genre while exploring new horror territory. In an interview with CBR, Brubaker characterized Fatale as a kind of James M. Cain and H.P. Lovecraft mashup, and said the story will revolve around a woman who may or may not be the living embodiment of the femme fatale archetype. Image released a three-page preview of Fatale that we have posted below, along with an announcement video from Brubaker himself.The series will shift between the viewpoints of multiple characters through multiple time periods. Two specific characters readers can expect to see a lot of are the femme fatale character and a modern man hunted for discovering an ancient secret. Brubaker says the story is currently planned for 12 issues, but could grow longer.

[Via CBR, iFanboy]

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