On sale this week from Marvel Comics is the third issue of the hugely acclaimed and highly annotatable FF. Written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Steve Epting and covers by Epting, Daniel Acuña and Marko Djurdjevic, this issue succinctly answers the question that's been on readers' minds since the beginning of Hickman's Fantastic Four opus, 'Whatever happened to all those Reeds?"Following Reed Richards' (aka Mr. Fantastic) declination to join the Interdimensional Council of Reeds -- an organization of alternate versions of himself from across the multiverse -- his daughter Valeria accidentally allowed four Reeds into our universe. FF #3 follows up on the whereabouts and activities of those dimensional travelers in advance of "The War of the Four Cities," a new storyline beginning in FF #4, also on sale later this month.

FF #3 goes on sale this week in comics stores everywhere and can be purchased online from Things From Another World. For more on Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four epic, be sure to catch up with ComicsAlliance's in-depth annotations of the story.

FF #3


Penciled by STEVE EPTING


Character Variants by MARKO DJURDJEVIC

FF #3 X-Men Evolutions Variant by PATRICK ZIRCHER

What has become of the surviving members of the Council, loosed upon our world by Valeria? That's what Reed Richards and the new FF must now discover!

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