On sale this week from Marvel Comics is FF #4, beginning the much anticipated "War of Four Cities" storyline. Written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by guest artist Barry Kitson, Mr. Fantastic assembles his worst enemies to help defend our universe from a war to be ignited by Reed Richardses from other dimensions. The entire ordeal was set in motion by Reed and Sue Richards' daughter Val, who's made to feel pretty badly about it in the new issue. You can check out a preview of FF #4 below.

FF #4 can be purchased this week at comics shops everywhere or online from Things From Another World.

For much more on Jonathan Hickman's work with the Fantastic Four, be sure to catch up on the series annotations by ComicsAlliance's David Uzumeri.

FF #4

The War of Four Cities: Part ONE

It's finally come as prophesied -- The War of Four Cities! After months of pent-up aggression, the combatants cry havoc and set loose the dogs of war! In order to prevent the war from spreading outwards to all areas of the globe, the FF spring into action to stem the tide of death and destruction. What chance does anyone have when all hope lies in Doom?!

32 PGS. Rated A ...$2.99

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