The Americanized remake of anime classic Ghost in the Shell finally crashes into theaters this Friday, like a bodysuit-clad Scarlett Johansson bursting through a glass window, guns blazing. While Paramount has managed to delay advance reviews by cancelling many press screenings (which is, traditionally, a bad sign), that has done little to deter the fans’ many burning questions. What secrets are being hidden from Major Motoko Kusanagi, and by whom? What are the tactical advantages of clothes that appear to be made of shrink-wrap? Will the movie be racist, and if so, how racist is it going to be? Why is English trip-hop musician Tricky in the film? Truly, Ghost in the Shell is rich with secrets.

Paramount’s last chance to hook new audiences is today‘s final trailer, which doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of new footage (this must be the umpteenth time we‘ve seen Major punch the crap out of some dude in standing water) but does offer a tone-perfect new backing track made up of pounding dubstep music and a children’s choir singing in what I assume is Japanese. That would make the most sense, as Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese franchise, but they‘re already playing it pretty fast and loose with culturally-specific signifiers in this movie, so who knows. (Multi-lingual commenters, feel free to weigh in.)

The lid will be fully blown off this long-time-coming project on Friday, but it’s beginning to look like an atypical sort of blockbuster with its bizarre mythology, varied stew of pop reference points, and late-March release date. Whether that’s for better or for worse, however, has yet to be seen.


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