It appears Scarlett Johansson's first official mission as Russian super spy the Black Widow was to taunt the Internet with blurry images of herself. Late last night extremely low res pics popped up online, but patience yielded a more rewarding set of images this morning from Entertainment Weekly's 2ND Annual Comic-Con Preview Issue.

Though Johansson herself looks a bit more like the second (more blond) Black Widow Yelena Belova, the magic of Hollywood has made Natasha Romanoff's tussled red locks, slinky black jumpsuit and "Widow's bite" wrist gauntlets fit her with aplomb. Of course, truly old school fans might be bummed that she's not sporting her original blue duds from her debut in 1967's "Avengers" #36, but I don't think this look will raise any complaints from most fans.

Check out a group shot of Robert Downey Jr. in his "Iron Man 2" armor, Mickey Rourke as Whiplash and Johansson in the Widow's signature spy suit after the jump.Check out the costumed crowd: