Comics make for a pretty great teaching tool. I, for instance, spent my childhood learning virtually everything that it was possible to know about bat-shaped boomerangs and the differences between lasers and concussive force beams, knowledge that has served me pretty well as an adult. But what if there was a way to learn more about, say, actual science?

Wonder no longer, dear reader. Starting next year, First Second is launching a new series of educational graphic novels, set to be released quarterly and focusing on a single subject in each volume --- and first up, we're finding out all about dinosaurs. And also coral reefs, I suppose, but really, I think we all know that we're here for dinosaurs.



As revealed by Popular ScienceScience Comics is set to launch in spring of 2016 with two debut titles, Dinosaurs by MK Reed and Joe Flood, and Coral Reefs by cartoonist Maris Wicks, followed up in the fall by Volcanos by John Chad, and a new volume focused on a single subject every season thereafter. It already looks intriguing, with Reed and Flood spending some time tying dinosaur fossils into mythology, a nice marriage of two subjects that kids tend to love in a way that you don't see that often.



Here's the word from the official press release:


Science Comics extends our non-fiction offerings to middle-grade readers. The Science Comics books will be narrow-focus, single-topic 128 page narrative nonfiction graphic novels, and a new volume will be published each season. The series will be written and drawn by some of the finest graphic novelists in the industry, and feature introductions by leading experts. Each book will cover topics from the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics, subjects that are part of the classroom curriculum and can be easily worked into lesson plans.



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