Tetsuo Hara's "Fist of the North Star" manga has received its share of anime adaptations and video games over the years, but nothing like Koei's upcoming action game on the PS3 and XBox 360. Judging from its new trailer, I'll have to agree with Topless Robot's take on the game's new trailer - it makes my head explode in the best possible way.

Screen captures of the upcoming "Fist of the North Star Musou" have been making their way around the blogosphere for months, but catching the massive lineup of seemingly playable characters today makes me want to drive out and pick up the PS3 I've been putting off getting.

There's no North American release date for the title yet, but assuming it does well enough in Japan, I'm not sure it'd take much marketing to convince audiences unfamiliar with the series' anime or manga incarnations that it'd be their cup of hyperviolent tea. Maybe I'm just reading the demographic that supports FPS titles so heartily wrong, though. Check out the trailer after the jump to see what you think.

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