While plenty of comics have been adapted to the video game medium, it's not often that we see the actual structure of comics -- panels and gutters -- in console games. But that's exactly what happens in "Fluidity," an upcoming WiiWare game that Nintendo showed off last weekend at PAX in Seattle that is set within the confines of a literal comic book, with each scene and level taking place within different panels and pages.

A game that shares some common themes with the brilliantly elemental "Osmos," "Fluidity" tasks gamers with tilting various containers and objects to allow water to flow naturally. Players must manipulate water flow in order to break on through the various panels and continue on with the game.

It's a pretty neat looking game if you're into the puzzle genre, but you don't have to take our word for it. Check out some gameplay footage for yourself in the trailer below.

[Link via Joystiq]