While both the X-Men and the Avengers have taken to hogging the limelight in both comic books and movies over recent years, Marvel's First Family is finally getting another chance at the spotlight with the news that Fox has found a director - and maybe a writer - for its planned big screen reboot of the Fantastic Four.The studio announced earlier this week that it had signed Josh Trank, director of the critically acclaimed Chronicle, to direct the new movie, to be released at some point following the studio's second solo Wolverine movie. Now, reports are emerging that Jeremy Slater is being pursued by Fox to handle the script for the project. Slater is described as an "up-and-coming" writer, with a couple of movies - teen spy comedy My Spy and horror movie Tape 4 - in pre-production, but nothing released as yet.

The reboot is only one facing Fox's Marvel properties; Daredevil is also moving towards a cinematic rebirth that ignore the Ben Affleck version from the early 2000s.