If you're into Conan the BarbarianLord of the Rings, or the music of 1970s southern rock band Molly Hatchet, then odds are pretty good that you're also a fan of Frank Frazetta. In a career that spanned six decades, he was was one of the greatest and most prominent fantasy artists, providing some of the most iconic images of the sword-and-sorcery genre --- including a beautifully painted cover for the Conan story Rogues in the House, in which Conan wrestles a gorilla that thinks it's a wizard.

For collectors, Frazetta's original art has been a little difficult to come by, usually being sold through private sales. On December 11, however, the largest collection of Frazetta's artwork ever to come to auction will be offered up by Profiles in History, featuring 80 original pieces including oil paintings, sketches, and more.


Conan and the Savage Sea by Frank Frazetta
Conan and the Savage Sea by Frank Frazetta


The collection comes courtesy of Dr. Dave Winiewicz, who announced the upcoming auction via a press release with Profiles in History:

"For me, bringing this project to Profiles in History was simply about making Frank Frazetta’s best works finally available for purchase to his appreciative audience in the best possible format. A curator strives to obtain a quality and significant body of work; Dave made it easy for me by putting in the time and love to amass a collection that would take 40 years to assemble. This sale, without a doubt, shall be the greatest offering of the greatest work of the greatest fantasy and comic artist of the 20th century, an artist who’s timeless work resonates with both his peers and his fans even today. I’m proud to work with Dave and Joe to present to you the Doc Dave Collection of Art including the works of master artist Frank Frazetta."

And hey, it's just in time for Christmas, if you happen to have someone who loves paintings involving gigantic axes on your list.

For more information, check out Profiles In History's site.


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