Jonathan Hickman's new run on "Fantastic Four" is very good. I say this not as a "Fantastic Four" fan, but as someone who has been almost totally indifferent to the family pack of superpowered teams, except for that one time in "Ultimate Fantastic Four" when they were turned into flesh-eating zombies from another dimension, and we all got a glimpse into exactly how terrifying the intellect of Reed Richards would be if it were stripped of humanity.

In Hickman's run, it's been something of the opposite, as Richards deals with the limitations of his intelligence -- which has always wavered between godhood and arrogance -- and why despite being the smartest man alive, he is still cannot fix all of the problems that afflict humanity. Or can he?

The even better news is that unlike so very, very many comic book concepts that sound interesting but fumble the execution, Hickman delivers.

Still better: Marvel is now offering the first two issues of Hickman's "Solve Everything" run for free at Marvel Digital Comics, so literally all you have to do is click your mouse a couple times to read them. It doesn't get any easier that that.