We've mentioned a few strange live-action adaptations of super-heroes in the past, but we've stayed away from discussing the CBS's 1977 television series "The Amazing Spider-Man"...

...mostly because we've heard that it's pretty awful. Even the ever-smiling Stan Lee criticized it for being "too juvenile" while it was coming out, and it ended after only 15 episodes that saw the unforgivable sin of actually toning down the perfection that is J. Jonah Jameson.

But it did have one thing going for it: A smooth, '70s funk theme song.

It may be more appropriate for putting the moves on Mary Jane than throwing down with Doc Ock (or in the case of the super-villain-free TV series, evil chemical engineers), but we can't get enough of that smooth funk sound, and we're hoping it makes a long-deserved comeback in the upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise. After all, the "does whatever a spider can" theme of the '60s cartoon is so played out, but this little gem's been untouched for over 30 years.