I've heard it said there are few definitives in life beyond death and taxes, but you can probably throw Funko making Pops of something in there really soon, if you haven't already. The company's reach far exceeds what I'm sure anyone expected from Funko when the Pops first appeared as Funko Force 2.0 at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. In just six years, the Pop line has multiplied exponentially, and it seems that Funko can hardly even keep up with the demand. That doesn't stop 'em from trying though, as you can hardly make it through a day without Funko announcing at least one new property joining the fold.

While we did know Suicide Squad collectibles were in the works, we didn't really have an idea of just how far Funko's rabbit hole went when it came to the upcoming Warner Bros. film based on the DC Comics characters. Needless to say, if you like Harley Quinn and the Joker, as portrayed by Margot Robbie and Jared Leto respectively, then you are going to have a lot of little deformed versions of those characters to buy this year.

Everyone on the team gets at least one Pop figure, except Enchantress, which is giving me cause to believe she'll be the exclusive figure for the Legion of Collectors Suicide Squad box in a few months. I could be wrong, but she seems like a rather obvious omission given Cara "Y'all Don't Know About Cara?" Delevingne is playing her in the movie. There will indeed be two versions of Deadshot to snag --- one featuring a Big Willie Style head, and the other the more familiar masked visage. Harley and Joker will each get a single standard figure, along with three store-exclusive variants. It's enough to drive a collector mad. For my money though, 30 Seconds to Mars Cosplay Joker is probably the nicest.

That is as long as we're strictly sticking to Pops. That Vinyl Idolz Joker gets all kinds of bonus points for being the straight up creepiest, Toontown version of the character that ever existed. Seriously. It's like someone dumped a vat of Judge Doom's remains over Cosmo Kramer and called it a day.

The Harley Quinn Vinyl Vixen exists.

The Dorbz look okay, but don't bring anything particuarly special to the table. The costume design for this film compared to other superhero flicks isn't quite as outrageous, so the simple shapes don't really shine as strongly here as they have in other instances. The Mopeez are apt, but I'm still not sold on these things as a line. The more that get released, the more I question whether or not collectors are just buying things merely to have a collection of things instead of actually liking the things they are trying to collect.

Now, for the Mystery Minis, there are going to be three different kinds of boxes available, with a mass market set, a Hot Topic exclusive set, and a Gamestop exclusive set. I've stared at the pictures of all three for longer than any normal human should have to, and I can't find any actual noticeable differences. What makes each a different set only Funko knows.

The Pops are hitting stores now. The Mopeez, Vinly Idolz, Dorbz, and keychains are due out next month. The Vinyl Vixens and Mystery Minis are expected in August.


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