The story broke yesterday that 20th Century Fox is considering re-casting several "Futurama" voice actors after contract talks broke down. Fan reaction, as you might expect, has not been positive.

Actor Phil LaMarr's most prominent role on the show is that of Jamaican bureaucrat Hermes Conrad, but like most of the cast he's also called upon to do multiple recurring and incidental characters for every show. (And for those of you who've decided to only pay attention to Green Lantern-related news this week, he was also the voice of Green Lantern John Stewart in the Justice League animated series, so there's your tie-in).

LaMarr has yet to begin negotiations to return, but when ComicsAlliance asked him for a few words he had this to say of the fellow members of his cast and the rest of the staff behind "Futurama":

"Anytime you work on a show this good it's a very collaborative process. The ideas begin with the very talented writers, obviously, but once the actors give voice to the words the influence starts to go both ways. On a show that was less well-written, less character-based with less actual acting in it, changing the cast would make much less of a difference. But it's going to take at least three people to replace Billy West and if they get anybody else to do Bender -- it's just going to be a different character."

Your thoughts? Would you watch the show again if Fox ends up recasting several roles?