According to his Flickr profile, artist Christopher Tupa loves to make art, "especially cartoony, fun stuff that makes you smile," and with his takes on GI Joe and their never-ending battle against the forces of Cobra, he's done exactly that:

That is unquestionably the best thing I've seen all week, but it doesn't stop there: Tupa's done a ton of fantastic drawings inspired by the Real American Heroes, and they're awesome. Check out a few of my favorites after the jump!

"Cobra Wacky Races!"

"The Many Faces of Beachhead"

Big Boa

Roadblock and Barbecue

Xamot, Storm Shadow, the Baroness, Destro, Cobra Commander and Tomax

Dr. Mindbender and the B.A.T.

"Tunnel Rat's New Friend"

Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow

Sgt. Slaughter

As great as the "G.I. Joe" stuff is, though, it's not the only thing Tupa's got up his sleeve. He's also done illustrations celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Goonies," including a full comic strip about the kids heading to Egypt and a "trading card cet" commemorating its release:

He's even dabbled in super-heroes with a depiction of Batman's historic meeting with Q*Bert:

There's more on his Flickr stream, including links to his site, where several of the original pieces are for sale, so check him out!

(via Kevin Church)