Alex Toth's contribution to comics is too big to cover with just the few images included with our anniversary tribute to him last week. The 25 images we've selected for this gallery don't provide a satisfying tribute either, but they're still a lot of fun to look at.

It can be difficult to be a Toth fan, especially if you're getting in to him now. Because of the types of comics he drew, there's a dearth of his work in current circulation --- but it's getting better. Just a few weeks ago, IDW published a new hardcover collection of Bravo For Adventure. It was made possible Bruce Canwell and Dean Mullaney of The Library of American Comics, who also assembled the beautiful and immaculately-produced Genius trilogy in recent years: Genius, Isolated; Genius, Illustrated; and Genius, Animated.

While Dark Horse has been resurrecting the Creepy archives, which have included a few Toth stories among them, the publisher also has a new collection dedicated specifically to Toth on the slate for July. Creepy Presents Alex Toth collects all his Warren horror stories, including those for Eerie. 

Greg Sadowski's Setting The Standard for Fantagraphics collects Toth's work for Standard from 1952-1954, restoring them to a fantastic fidelity. Although you'd always always prefer to experience his work in actual comic or book form, there are a couple of websites and Tumblrs with some pretty impressive collections, including The Alex Toth Archives and TothLove.


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