Since her 1941 debut, Wonder Woman has been one of the cornerstones of DC Comics, and of superhero comics in general.

Created by psychologist William Moulton Marston, with his wife and fellow scientist Elizabeth Holloway Marston and their lover and research assistant Olive Byrne, the character was intended from the start as an icon of feminism. In her 74-year-history, scores of artists have put their spin on the character, from subtle changes to her classic red, white, blue and gold costume to the "new" Wonder Woman of the late 1960s, and even some far more maligned interpretations that featured jackets and long pants (neither of which are featured here, so don't worry).

Though her clothes may have changed quite a bit over the years, the best Wonder Woman art depicts a consistent character with an often-quiet strength and resolve, a deep wisdom (sometimes coupled with some naivete about the modern world thanks to her upbringing on the remote Paradise Island), and an ability to wreck bad guys when necessary.

Also, lots of cool shields.

This gallery includes some of the most iconic Wonder Woman artists of the past seven decades, along with some positively stunning modern designs. Check them out above, and check out some facts you may not know about Wonder Woman and other DC heroes in the video and gallery below.


You Think You Know Wonder Woman?

Check Out Some Facts About Wonder Woman and Other DC Heroes

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