Preacher, Punisher Max and The Boys Scribe Garth Ennis' directorial debut Stitched will be screened this summer at San Diego Comic-Con International. Scheduled to premiere July 21 at 8:15 p.m. in room 6DE, the 15-minute short will pit three American soldiers who've just survived a helicopter crash against terrors both recognizable and supernatural in the Taliban-controlled mountains of Afghanistan. Presented by Avatar Press and Mischief Maker Studios, the short serves as the prelude to an upcoming Stitched comic series and feature-length DVD, also written by Ennis, set for release in November.

From the official Stitched press release:

"I've been thinking about (directing films) for a number of years now," says Ennis. "Ever since the interest in a Preacher film became more solid, and the options on it and The Boys were picked up. I've written screenplays and treatments for things like Crossed, but I haven't really devoted myself to a film project before, not the way I have with Stitched. I've always loved movies; my comics are much more heavily influenced by film and TV than they are by other comics. So having a go at this seems quite natural."

See the full Stitched promo image below:

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