New FrontierIf there is one comic property that seems tailor-made for an animated film, it would have to be Darwyn Cooke's NEW FRONTIER. Originally a six issue mini-series from DC, the multiple-award winning NEW FRONTIER re-invented the Justice League as inhabitants of a Cold War-torn America. Cooke's work is full of the life and energy inherent in animation and from the mini-series' clean '50s retro style to Cooke's experience working on the JUSTICE LEAGUE and BATMAN cartoons, you couldn't ask for a better animated comic book movie. Well, thankfully for you, you don't have to ask for one because DC is making one already!

The NEW FRONTIER movie is coming straight to DVD, HD-DVD, BLU-RAY, ON DEMAND and PAY-PER-VIEW on February 26th, 2008 and the press releasers at DC and Warner Animation have provided us with some stills from the upcoming film. It looks to be a good approximation of the original art style, but don't listen to me. Click through the gallery below and decide for yourself!

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