The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to hit the shops! If you’re looking for inspiration for gifts for all the important people in your life, ComicsAlliance has put together a series of guides centered on different themes and personalities!

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular comic book characters around today, and with the release of Suicide Squadeven more people have been exposed to her awesomeness. She's stylish, she's dangerous; she's basically perfect. Harley Quinn fans are awesome people, and if you're lucky enough to know someone devoted to the Clown Queen of Crime, we have some suggestions for awesome gifts to buy them.

Harley has left her mark on comics, movies, video games, and fashion, so there's no shortage of gift ideas for your Harley loving pal. No matter when your friend fell for Harley --- whether it was Batman: The Animated SeriesSuicide Squad, or somewhere in between --- we have plenty of suggestions for what to buy them. Check out our gallery above!

If you want to buy locally and support your local comic shop, but don’t know where to go, type your zip code or postal code into this website to find the store closest to you. Local stores will appreciate your business just as much as the person you’re buying for will appreciate these gifts!



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