The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to hit the shops! If you’re looking for inspiration for gifts for all the important people in your life, ComicsAlliance has put together a series of guides centered on different themes and personalities!

From its humble beginnings here in the West as cult fansubbed VHS tapes and import obscurities, to the modern era of Attack on Titan and Yuri on Ice, the stories featured in anime and manga have always attracted their own passionate fandoms that don't always cross over to the North American comic market.

At the same time, Western comics have been drawing inspiration from manga and anime for a generation now, both artistically and narratively, and a whole bunch of today's bestselling comics creators owe a debt to their lifelong love of Japanese pop culture. If you know a fan of anime and manga who wants to make the jump to North American comics, we've put together this gift guide full of great suggestions.

Check out our gallery above and find the ideal present for your pal who loves Studio Ghibli films, your nephew who loves Pokemon, or your niece who breathlessly awaits each new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.

The links on this list lead to Amazon, but we suggest that you support local comic shops and businesses where possible. If you’re not sure where the nearest comic store is, type your zip code or postal code into this website and find one close to you.


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