Fans of Paul Tobin (Spider-Girl, Marvel Adventures) and Colleen Coover (X-Men: First Class, Girl Comics) rejoice! The comics supercouple is launching an all-new independent comic on Top Shelf 2.0 today called Gingerbread Girl, about a 26-year-old woman named Annah Billips who either has an imaginary sister she created during her parents' divorce... or a real twin created by her mad scientist father.

In the story, which will be serialized online Mondays and Fridays and ultimately collected in a hardcover graphic novel in May, "a host of narrators including boyfriends, girlfriends, magicians, pigeons, bulldogs and convenience store clerks follow Annah through a night in her life in an attempt to determine that one last fact about Annah... and the Gingerbread Girl."We've got three pages below your viewing enjoyment, and you can either starting heading over to TS2.0 for twice-weekly Gingerbread Girl reading, or just drop TS2.0 on your RSS feed and let the free comics come to you.

(On a side note, we were also pleased to see that the cover of the Gingerbread Girl graphic novel above was designed by a certain Wired art director and former Comic Foundry magazine founder named Tim Leong.)

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