On sale soon from Top Shelf is Gingerbread Girl, a touching new graphic novel abut a young woman and her sister -- a sister who may have been grown by a mad scientist or who may onot even exist at all. Created by Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin, Gingerbread Girl was serialized online and will now be collected into a handsome 112-page book full of wit and charm, detailing the impact divorce can have on a young mind. ComicsAlliance has an 18-page preview of Gingerbread Girl that you can check out after the jump.26-year-old Annah Billips is something of an enigma. From all appearances she's a cute and funny young woman with the same sorts of passions and flaws many of us share, but she also might be crazy. Following her parents' traumatic divorce, Annah may have imagined a twin sister called Ginger to help cope with the loss of her family structure, or her mad scientist dad might have grown Ginger from a piece of Annah's brain. The truth unfolds in a cleverly devised story that's propelled by testimony from characters in Annah's life, including friends, lovers, neighbors, strangers and even animals.

Created by the married team of Colleen Coover (Amazing Spider-Girl, Girl Comics, Small Favors) and Paul Tobin (Spider-Girl, Savage She-Hulk, The Age of the Sentry), Gingerbread Girl can be pre-ordered now from Top Shelf's website and Things From Another World.

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