The latest installment of Chris Giarrusso's new super hero series at Image Comics, "G-MAN: Cape Crisis," is going multimedia with a Flash-based online game now playable at Giarrusso's Web site.

It's a simple enough game, but it does expand on some more... vintage gaming technologies by allowing fans of the series to choose from multiple characters.

"In developing 'G-MAN: Cape Crisis: The Video Game,' we decided to work in the grand tradition of such literal blockbusters as 'Breakout' and 'Arkanoid,'" said Giarrusso in an official Image press release, "While it's not necessary for fans of the comic to play the game, we do promise it will expand on the series' storyline, allowing a total immersion experience into the world of 'G-MAN: Cape Crisis.'"

While I'm pretty sure the story will involve more than breaking bricks by moving from right to left, the game is definitely a cute way to kill time at work (or in my case, push back deadlines).

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