As the old saying goes, no one sets out to make a bad movie. Even with a movie like Batman v Superman that has been widely pilloried by fans and critics alike, no one can deny that a lot of hard work went into making this movie, and all with the best intentions. Maybe the end result was…divisive, but it doesn’t diminish some of the technical achievements. To that end, today we have some before and after photos of the making of Batman v Superman to highlight some of the work done to bring the DC Cinematic Universe to light.

These photos, from an Art of VFX profile, give you an idea of just how much of this world was created on a computer screen. It may seem like a lot, but it’s likely no more than most other blockbusters not named Mad Max: Fury Road. In most of these shots, it’s just the actors and some props; everything else is added digitally.

Here are some animated GIFs that show the progress from the original shot to what you saw in the theater.

And here are some additional before and after photographs that include some stunt and motion-capture performers.

Even if you didn’t like the movie, the DVD and Blu-ray will surely be interesting enough to see everything that went into created such a troubled movie.