DC Comics may have folded its manga imprint CMX, but its silent Dinosaur-filled series, Masashi Tanaka's "Gon" will apparently fight on as a CG animated feature. Despite the punniest longings of American fans, however, it likely won't be titled "Gon with the Wind," "Gon in 60 Seconds" or even "Gon Fishin'."

ICv2 reports that Korea's Daewon Media is producing the animated feature in 3-D and has it scheduled for completion by late 2011. So far Europe seems to be the company's target distribution area thanks to a deal with Rainbow Media, but it could potentially find its way to other markets as well.

Gon fans were treated to perhaps their first 3D experience with the miniature dinosaur back in 1998 when Namco included the feisty fellow in "Tekken 3." Japanese fans also got to go on Gon adventures on Super Nintendo as early as '94.With any luck the movie will be half as awesome as this:

[Via ICv2]

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