A manga adaptation of "Gossip Girl" is coming out in a week or so from Yen Press! Technically, it should probably be called "manhwa" since artist/writer HyeKyung Baek is Korean, but since most of America still can't pronounce "sudoku" correctly and continually refers to the popular monster fighting series as "Pokeyman," perhaps asking them to learn a whole other (phonetically similar) word for Asian comics may be setting the bar too high.

So: Based on the CW drama about the romantic intrigues of rich Manhattan teens, which was in turn inspired by a line of racy young adult fiction, "Gossip Girl: For Your Eyes Only" will release its first installment in the January issue of the "Yen+" monthly anthology.

The first preview is up, and it gives us a glimpse into an alternate GG dimension where Serena Van Der Woodsen has eyes as big as sunglasses, chibi Chuck Bass walks around rocking a giant hipster neckerchief while inexplicably giving people thumbs up, and everyone is really, really sparkly.

But the boldest fashion statement comes courtesy of the usually conservative Blair Waldorf, who busts out with an itty bitty King Hippo crown right in the middle of her swank Upper East Side birthday party.

Remember, when she flashes yellow and opens her mouth, always dodge left.