In our recurring feature, ComicsAlliance writer Chris Sims and a rotating cast of talented artists imagine a finer world to bring you a look at the Best Comics Ever that Did Not, Will Not, and occasionally Can Not Happen! This week, Mermaid Hostel artist Jen Vaughn joins us for a tale of hard-driving action... in outer spaaaaace!

Strange Adventures Special #17 (1977)

Story: Chris Sims

Art: Jen Vaughn

Breaker breaker, space buddy! It's all-out action when spacefaring super-hero Adam Strange is forced to save both his adopted home and his birth planet from the evil Darkseid by fulfilling what appears to be a simple request: Delivering ten cases of Silverale from Rann to Earth... in less than 18 hours! Under normal cirumstances, that's no problem for the Man of Two Worlds, but there's a catch: Darkseid's put a lock on the instantaneous transport of the Zeta Beam!

Rann's only hope rests with the Galaxy's Greatest Driver, Space Cabby! But when the pair inadvertently rescues Miss Martian from an arranged marriage to J'Emm, Son of Saturn and gets flagged by the Green Lantern Corps for Interplanetary Bootlegging by running Silverale past the Crab Nebula, they earn the wrath of galactic lawmen Hal Jordan and the Martian Manhunter! With the odds stacked against them, the clock ticking and the fate of two worlds in the balance, will they be able to make it? Find out as Adam Strange, Space Cabby and Miss Martian go Spacebound and Down!

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