Press Release

Two more chapters of the blockbuster "Sinestro Corps War" epic have sold out and are going back to press for new printings!

GREEN LANTERN #23 Second Printing (AUG078139) and TALES OF THE SINESTRO CORPS: PARALLAX #1 Second Printing (AUG078138) both are scheduled to arrive in stores on October 24 with recolored versions of their original covers.

"It's really gratifying to have readers respond to the PARALLAX Special this way, because we set out to do something different with it," says writer Ron Marz. "The Sinestro Corps War storyline has been full of slam-bang, widescreen action, so we wanted the Parallax chapter to be a change of pace - more of a psychological story that gives the audience a look inside Kyle's mind. It's great to be part of an epic that's worthy of the term."

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