Hal Jordan is no stranger to snack cakes. Why, back in '79 the Green Lantern was saved by Twinkie-armed children from none other than Triclops, the three-eyed keeper of the cave (a villain Geoff Johns should consider reviving). Here in 2010, however, the hero has finally stepped from a Hostess ad to a full-fledged Sno Ball star. That's right, Green Lantern's Glo Balls are in the house.Captured in the grocery aisle by Rickey Purdin, these snack cakes are a likely bridge between GL's comic and upcoming film. I mean, why wait for a Super Bowl commercial trailer for Ryan Reynolds' movie look when you can chomp down on some coconut and marshmallow covered chocolate cake with creamy filling? With any luck the Glo Balls will make the leap once the film does drop, joining the Hulk to round out two decidedly green superhero movie tie-ins from Hostess.

The Flash also has his own version of the Hostess chocolate cupcake, called Flashcakes. But the name's not as suggestive and they just look kind of delicious.

You think they'll stock either of these at Costco? I'd buy several cases.

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