From its first appearance on the cover of Entertainment Weekly back in July, Ryan Reynold's computer generated Green Lantern guise has taken its share of heat. Some fans aren't into the biological aspect of the GL movie costume, preferring something closer to the classic comic books' clothing-like look to glowing musculature. Others can deal with the costume, but find the domino mask distracting.

Throughout the debate filmmakers have assured Green Lanternphiles that since the costume was CGI, it'd be a work-in-progress right up until its June 17 premiere. Well, according to Breaking News USA, that work in progress is more or less complete. Scope three "final" costume images after the jump.Viewers will have to wait a few more months to see whether or not Warner Bros. is truly "done" with the costume, but given that the film's full trailer and other footage is making the rounds, this is probably a pretty complete representation of the guardian of sector 2814.

So what do you think? Is this the Lantern you're looking for? Or is it still closer to an emerald Mr. Slim Goodbody?

Scope the full suit in all its CGI glory below:

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