As woefully incapable as most of us would be of successfully defeating cosmic fear entities, the thought of possessing the powers of a Green Lantern can be pretty appealing. Flight, not dying in space, getting to hang out with Kilowog -- it's pretty fun stuff on the surface. Warner Bros. Consumer Products reaffirmed this kind of GL-ing flight of fancy this week by delivering a massive box of Green Lantern movie merch to ComicsAlliance HQ. From action figures to projectile shooting cannons to apparel, there's a lot coming out this summer -- you don't even have to wear a motion cumbersome capture suit to enjoy it. Hit the jump to see a few items of note coming to retail soon (pug construct not included).As something of a toy player-wither collector, I'm probably most enchanted by Mattel's multiple lines of action figures. That said, there's a ton of other goodies on the way for those who prefer cloth to plastic. New Era's got a bunch of fitted caps, Converse is offering a snazzy All Star Hi Green Lantern Athletic Shoe, Forever Collectibles has a rubber band bracelet and multiple companies are offering official movie shirts. Pressman Toy, the Penguin Group and Funko also have toy niches to serve, with Pressman's Green Lantern: Power of the Ring board game, Penguin's foldable paper toy sheets and Funko's POP! Heroes coming in both plush and vinyl varieties.

Even if you're a minimalist kinda fan who simply wants a movie style light-up ring, there's a few options from Mattel, Rubies and NECA to hone your willpower into something swell.

See a few shots of the Green Lantern unboxing, plus Kilowog creating a friend below:



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