While it may not make much sense to brand roller coasters with the identities of superheroes, what's usually true is that such rides tend to kick ass. The best of them can be found just outside of Los Angeles at Six Flags Magic Mountain, home to such DC Comics-based coasters as Batman: The Ride, Riddler's Revenge, Superman: The Escape and, next year, a Green Lantern ride that will be sure to paint the park green with the barf of nerds.Opening next summer, the Green Lantern ride, with its incongruous buzz-saw motif, was almost certainly developed as something else before Six Flags parent company Time Warner decided its Green Lantern brand -- which currently leads the DC Comics line and will be further expressed in a highly anticipated live-action film starring Ryan Reynolds and a new animated series -- was going to be a big deal and slapped some green paint on the thing. But regardless of its secret origin, the Green Lantern ride is a remarkable evolution in the science of making you barf.

Fearless riders will brave the ride sitting in eight-person vehicles - four abreast and back-to-back, each rotating independently. The two minute thrill begins with riders going up the 107-foot left hill before spinning their way down through 828-feet of twisted vertical track, featuring three, 360-degree head-over-hill spins.

Sadly, the Magic Mountain engineers neglected to exploit the "emotional roller coaster" cliche and design the ride to take passengers through the emotional spectrum as depicted in the Green Lantern comic books. The coaster should be multi-colored and make you fearful, then angry, and so forth until you're "dead" (not an emotion!) before emerging in some sort of white-themed barfing climax.

Magic Mountain has also announced a retrofit to the existing Superman: The Escape ride, which will expand so as to allow the passenger cars and barf to shoot both backwards and forwards at over 100 miles per hour. The demo video indicates they will remove the massive Superman statue which presently stands perpendicular to the track and looks down upon riders as their car falls terrifyingly down to Earth, presumably because the statue doesn't leap into the air and catch you, which is depressing. The ride will be rebranded Superman: Escape from Krypton.

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