This weekend at Wondercon, IDW and DC Comics announced a new crossover that will send the Green Lantern Corps to the Star Trek Universe in a story titled Spectrum War this July. Written by long-time Star Trek writer Mike Johnson and penciled by Angel Hernández, the miniseries will feature both the current Corps and the current Enterprise crew from the Chris Pine/Karl Urban film era.

The miniseries will see Hal Jordan and co teaming up with Kirk and pals when lantern rings head straight into the hands of some familiar faces from the Star Trek Universe. In order to get them back --- and keep the universe safe from certain mysterious villains who also want to get a hold of the rings --- the two forces will have to pair up across the six-issue miniseries.

Considering DC and IDW have both been surprisingly open about sharing their properties with other companies in the past, it's no great shock to see the two publishers finally decide to cross over their big sci-fi properties, and it will be interesting to see if this opens the door to further DC/Star Trek crossovers.

Star Trek and Green Lantern share quite a few thematic similarities that make them a particularly good match, including the fact that they're both set in distant space, but it'll probably be most interesting to see how the fight-first approach of the Corps will contrast with the more considered --- logical, you might say --- strategy of the Enterprise Crew.

Issue #1 is out in July.


Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez

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