Even though the live action Green Lantern movie wasn't necessarily everyone's favorite, Hal Jordan has nonetheless been in need of some serious kids' meal toy redemption since last summer's GL movie tote bag offerings from Subway. Fast food joint frequenting fans should be pleased to find out that McDonald's will be answering the call in its next HappyMeal, with an assortment of toys based on Cartoon Network's DC Nation show Green Lantern: The Animated Series. At a glace, the quality of these toys correlate pretty directly with how much people dig the CG cartoon vs. the GL movie.

The action figure-y line includes three versions of Hal Jordan (demonstrating various Green Lantern powers), plus a figure of Kilowog, the duo's GL spaceship Aya, the young Red Lantern known as Razer and a GL mask and glowing ring. It's unclear if the toy power ring will work on McDonald's yellowish fries or Ronald's yellow shirt, but color-wise you should be albe to use it to give Grimace or Hamburglar a construct-based noogie.

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