Geoff Johns suggested that Hal Jordan would be getting animated again fairly soon back in March, and we should even see a Red Lantern show up when "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" arrives. Luckily, executive producer Bruce Timm and producer/story editor Jim Krieg seem to be capable of inspiring great posters, too, because a new one just showed up ahead of the production team's 2:30 p.m. panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday.

The series' first official visual asset premiered over on The new 'toon looks very CG, as expected, and it lets Jordan's ring declare his presence instead of naming him explicitly, which is interesting. The art style appears to be keeping the same big shapes and blocky facial features that defined the look of the "Justice League" animated series and "Justice League Unlimited."Those series are historically some of the things that Warner Bros.' spin-off machine does best, though, particularly under Timm's supervision, so keep your eyes open for more tidbits about his latest project coming out of that Saturday panel.

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