It looks as if Green Lantern, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk and adult beverage make for a controversy.

In this week's "Justice League: Cry For Justice" #2 by James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Green Arrow Oliver Queen (I specify on behalf of the numerous other characters bearing those titles), the buddies share a moment of what some might consider douchey "dudebro" behavior.

Essentially Green Arrow jokes that his buddy, the known-womanizer, has bedded two of his superheroine colleagues at the same time thanks to the aphrodisiac properties of booze:

Green Lantern: I have a confession to make.
Green Arrow: If it involves you, The Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, and a bottle of grappa, [Black Canary] already told me. And all I have to say is, "Well played, sir."
Green Lantern: No. It's about -- wait -- you heard about that?
Green Arrow: Everybody heard about it -- from Man-Bat to Metamorpho. And [Metamorpho] was quite the lothario before he turned all weird looking, so for him to be impressed took some doing.

If it's a joke, it's a joke. Nobody is really worried about an awkward meet-up with Huntress and Lady Blackhawk later on. It just seems a little out-of-character for the two females Green Arrow mentions to engage in the lesser-noble fantasy cliches.

Or does it? Blog@ has a rundown of some creator commentary. But what do you think? Is the gag worth the perceived misogyny?

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