When it comes to superheroine attire these days, less is definitely not always more. Artist Hanie Mohd went against the grain in a recent series of costume redesigns, though, and in doing so she conjured up a new line of fashionable and very fall-friendly sweaters for Catwoman, Power Girl, Vixen and a few of their friends from around the DC Comics universe.Mohd's cozy autumn-appropriate looks for Vixen, Poison Ivy and others can be seen at her Tumblr account. She's got a sleek, lively, manga-influenced style and a keen grasp of fashion illustration, as evidenced by her Supergirl and Batgirl poses. Alas, we probably have no hope of seeing her Harley Quinn concept show up in an official comic any time soon, since the current direction of things in the DCU is quite a bit more adult-oriented.

Nevertheless, it's been fun watching Mohd think through what these women put on. Keep an eye peeled in her feed for more, and sound off with your thoughts below:

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