Kate Beaton, who runs the most excellent historical humor webcomic "Hark! A Vagrant," recently lost her webhosting when her ISP decided that she was getting too much traffic, and decided to shut her site down rather than allow her to upgrade.

Fortunately, the beneficent Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics picked up the slack and will be hosting her until she finds a new home, but as I consider punishing people for being too awesome to be among the gravest of sins, I thought it might be a good opportunity to spotlight her new t-shirts at Topatoco.

You, too, can help support her newer, more expensive hosting and simultaneously rock tees that make you look both knowledgable and insouciant about historical trivia. Personally, I can attest that anyone wearing a Kate Beaton shirt immediately becomes 30% more attractive. (It's true!)

The Curies in Love

Bronte's Garden Party

Fox Hunt

Ben Franklin's Kite

History Is Very Serious