Just when you think things couldn't get more ridiculous for hammer-wielding Juggalette Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn, along comes the recent Suicide Squad #3 from writer Adam Glass and artist Cliff Richards, where Harley has sex with Deadshot in a bathroom and apparently compares her own vagina to a clown car.One of the most noticeable things about Harley and Deadshot's hookup is that they somehow magically have sex through their clothing, which I can only assume is an homage to Catwoman #1 and maybe just how people have sex now in the New 52.

During their rendezvous, Harley says "this reminds me of a joke about a clown car" as Deadshot is presumably penetrating her, and while I've tried to think of alternate interpretations, I really can't. Harley is comparing her private parts to a clown car because she wants Deadshot to know that lots of things go in and out of her. Like they do in a clown car.

It's also topical because she is a clown!

Oh, and just in case you weren't totally sure that Deadshot scored -- a fair assumption, since they seemingly never take off their clothes -- we're treated to a panel later in the comic where Deadshot talks about how he "got [his] rocks off," but that it doesn't mean anything because he's such a player and now he's dust in the wind or whatever.

Before any of this happens, though, there's another deeply hilarious scene at a supermarket that gives some interesting context to the "clown car" bit that follows. Deadshot and Harley are shopping for supplies, and when they get to the checkout counter, Deadshot asks Harley if she has any money to pay for it. This is what happens next:

Harley Quinn is a strong female character, and she is going to take care of this situation. With her crotch. That panel with the man staring up at her private parts is the last we hear of it, so either this is just incredibly bad visual storytelling, or the answer to the question of "how will we procure these goods without money" is "Harley Quinn's vagina."

Or as she calls it in the next scene... the "clown car."


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