If you thought the Marvel Legends line was going to stick to the 6" and 3.75" formats forever, you probably weren't alone in that thinking. Both scales of the Marvel Legends line have been doing well, and cover pretty much all the bases for highly-detailed and articulated mass market action figures. But Hasbro has bigger things in mind for the Marvel Legends, and ahead of Toy Fair the company announced a new 12" scale for the Legends banner. Hold onto your butts.

This fall, Hasbro will release the first 12" figures in the Legends line, with iO9 announcing Captain America and Iron Man as the first characters to make the leap to the larger scale. Currently the only way to get figures of this size from Hasbro is in the Titan Hero series, which feature the familiar faces of the Marvel Universe, though with simplified designs and just five points of articulation. There's nothing wrong with the Titan line, as its $9.99 price point makes it a good budget line for kids. The new 12" Marvel Legends will be a bit pricier ($50 each), but pack in a lot more detail, articulation and accessories.

While $50 still isn't cheap, with figures double the size of the 6" Legends series, you would expect to pay double the price. The articulation looks to be about the same as the 6" scale, meaning you've got at least a dozen points of articulation on these things. More importantly, the bigger size allows for much more detail to go into the figures. While the Iron Man armor looks nice and all, the Captain America shows that attention to detail even more. You can really see all the scales in his armor plating, and the finer detailing in the boots and pants would definitely be lost at a smaller scale.

The 12" Marvel Legends will start arriving this fall, and we'll likely learn a bit more about what to expect from the line this weekend at Toy Fair. Hasbro going to 12" in the Marvel Legends line also means there's a chance the same can be done with the Star Wars Black Series. While the collector in me wants to see that happen in the worst way, I can already hear my bank account begging for mercy.




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