Lando Calrissian is finally coming to the Star Wars Black Series. Sure, it's with a sculpted cape, but hot damn, we are getting the smoothest son of a gun to ever fly the starry skies. Hasbro may not have had many reveals for the Star Wars Black Series at Star Wars Celebration the week before San Diego Comic-Con, but there were more than a fair share of new items on display this past weekend across the entire Star Wars brand. From Rogue One to Star Wars Rebels, to the original trilogy and prequels, Hasbro has got you covered when it comes to Star Wars.

Joining Lando in the wave --- which follows the one with Jyn Erso, Sabine, Revan and the rest --- will be a Royal Guard, Tusken Raider, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Hera Syndulla. All five figures are characters fans have been asking after since the Black Series launched, but Lando in particular has been on wishlists almost since the line was first revealed. The Royal Guard and Tusken Raider make some nice use of fabric elements, which makes it all the more puzzling that Lando does not. His cape isn't as small as Captain Phasma's, nor does it need to hang in any particular way off his shoulders like hers does. It's not a deal-breaker, but it will make Lando a bit harder to pose with the cape on.

Qui-Gon is among the final few characters from the prequels that have been at the top of people's wish lists. Count Dooku is maybe the only other character that hasn't already been turned into a figure in the line in some form, and we can all still use a little more Christopher Lee in our lives. Maybe he'll make the cut for the fan vote one of these years now that Hera and Lando are on the way. Speaking of Hera, Hera rules. Rebels is filling out the Black Series quite nicely, and a season three version of Ezra or Darth Maul would be nice to see in 2017.

With his arrival back in the Star Wars Universe confirmed at SWCE, Admiral Thrawn is already on deck for a figure, though at 3.75" scale. That's where most of the Rebels have been captured to this point anyway, so it makes the most sense. The smaller scale line is also targeted at a younger audience, and Thrawn getting added there is not surprising even if right now only the adults care about his return.

The Rogue One folks will also get some 3.75" figures (surprising, I know), including Jyn, the Sandtrooper and the Deathtrooper. There will also be a fully automated AT-ACT (All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport) that comes with some exclusive figures to create your own storming of the beachhead like you saw in the first trailer. We haven't had a big ol' automated vehicle from the Star Wars series in a long time, and these things looked pretty awesome in motion at SDCC. They'll be a bit pricier than the standard vehicles, but at least at 3.75" scale, they'll fit into your house with little issue.

Not to be outdone, the Galaxy Heroes line is getting some great new characters and vehicles as well. The stars for Rebels will be arriving in a few forms, including Ezra and the Ghost, Hera and the Phantom, and some figure packs with Kanan and the Inquisitor. New deluxe sets are also coming, featuring some of the most dramatic Rebellion/Empire battles in the series, including the first Resistance Rey with a lightsaber. No Rogue One elements on hand for this super-young figure line yet, but we'll likely see some more closer to the film's release, just as we saw with The Force Awakens.

Finally, Hasbro revealed Jaina Solo won the fan vote this year (phew), and would get a figure in the coming year. Her winning doesn't rule out Dengar or any of the other candidates also getting a figure, but at least for now the worry of a Darth Talon making the rounds has been avoided.


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