Once upon a time, Commissioner Gordon took the time out of his busy schedule to teach Gotham City employers how to fire somebody without turning the laid off workers into super-villains. Today comes a counterpoint from King Oblivion, PhD, on how society's greatest outcasts and misfits can get their hands dirty in the world of supervillainy.

M.D. Wilson is the author of "Hate You Forever: How to Channel Your Rage into Effective Supervillainy," a guidebook based upon the instructions of the aforementioned Oblivion, the co-founder of the International Society of Supervillains.

According to the book's description, "Hate You Forever" offers a "personal look inside the tricks of the evil trade, from defining your nefarious goals, acquiring your treacherous credentials and creating your evil persona to building your army of henchmen, selecting your equipment and base of operations and carrying out your dastardly master plans. So get those laughing lungs ready, recruit, and do some bad out there!"

The guide, featuring illustrations from Menachem Jerenberg, is currently available for both print and download purchases at Lulu Marketplace. I'm not sure why I'm advising any of you to buy this thing - I'm not really interested in seeing genuine super-villains in this day and age [Assistant Editor's Note: Josh is trying to maintain his cover clumsy Clark Kent style - he is totally a supervillain], but it's really not my place to judge![Via Lulu]