It's been more than a year since a new television series based upon the famous science fiction anthology comic Heavy Metal (or Metal Hurlant, to give it its original French title) was announced, but the project is still happening - and to prove it, here's the first trailer for the show from French television.The series, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, not only features many faces familiar to genre fans - including James Marsters, Rutger Hauer and one-time Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan - but apparently adapts comics by the likes of Moebius, Richard Corben, Geoff Johns and Alejandro Jodorowsky, judging by the credits on the series' Facebook page. That page also describes the show like this:

In the lineage of fantastic series such as Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, Metal Hurlant Chronicles is the adaptation of the world renowned magazine of the same name. Discover the live versions of these exceptional comics by the writers of X MEN , BATMAN , SPIDERMAN , IRON MAN , GI JOE , STAR WARS , SUPERMAN, BLADE etc. Fitted for the international market, each episode is 26 minutes long and is composed of one story involving Action, Heroic Fantasy [and] Science Fiction in english, directed by Guillaume Lubrano.

Currently, the series hasn't found a home in the American market -- Somewhat surprisingly; you'd think that this would be a great fit for Syfy, wouldn't you? -- but it's set for a November debut in France, which is where this trailer came from:

Admit it: You'd watch this show, wouldn't you? Come on, some television channel: This is quite possibly what we want. Or, at the very least, just as good as Lost Girl.

[Via SHH]

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